Monday, Monday...What's cooking...

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Monday, Monday...What's cooking...
Mon, 11-10-2003 - 7:28am

Have you thought about tonight's dinner yet?

Trying out a new recipe?

Fixing an old standby?


What's cooking?


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 7:35am

We fixed Amy's Taco Casserole (crockpot) this weekend.....but, it was too late to crock it

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 7:44am
I put together a crock-pot recipe called 'Cowboy Casserole'.
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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 8:42am
Shake-n-bake chicken and a side of veggies (probably corn).

Thanks to you all I'm getting better at planning my dinners! Thanks! Now, I just have to work on getting my lunches together to take to work!


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:50am
I'm thinking my lime chicken breasts with a homemade salsa, served on a bed of either jasmine or basmati rice, with a salad on the side.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 10:26am
We are having a faithful standby. Baked chops with bbque sauce. Potatoes and corn. Its fast, easy and convienent.

Anyway, time to run.....

Heather B.

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 10:38am
I'll be cooking my Taco Dip today... I'll post recipe below!

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 11:14am
Its spaghetti and meatballs tonight for us. It was such a hectic weekend and I didn't even get to my grocery shopping until 8:00 pm last night so I was just plain out of energy to make anything else! Tonight I'll refigure the rest of the week's recipes.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 11:24am
Dinner tonight will be indian curried lentils over rice (I learned to cook indian food from an ex-bf). And I'll have apple pie for dessert!


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 2:54pm

Tracy...I checked your recipe down below and that Does look really good...let us know how it turns out.

Hey, those cold hot dogs ..... could you maybe take a thermos of soup or something?

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 2:58pm

Well, perhaps you should start a Luncheon post!(g)

Dinner sounds easy and good....can't go wrong with SHake n Bake......I still remember that commercial they used to run, the Mom say's I made Shake N Bake and the little daughter says....And I Helped......(real heavy suthen accent.(lol))