I do not know what to do!!

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I do not know what to do!!
Thu, 03-04-2010 - 10:42am

I have been on a major roller coaster ride and I am totally sick of it. I am fighting to not be depressed and irritable. The past month has been tough. I went back on my Cymbalta 3 weeks ago and feel it is not helping a lot. Cymbalta usually only take a few days to a week to make me feel better. I do not have a pdoc anymore and finding one that takes my insurance is hard. I may have to call my old pdoc that I do not care much for and go back to her. She said the last time I seen her in October that she may have to refer me to a team of pdocs at one of our major hospitals--John Hopkins to be evaluated because I have exhausted using all meds and nothing really works, and when it does it doesn't last long. That is why I am just getting my Cymbalta from my pain management doc. I see my pain doc today, so I am going to see if she will increase my Cymbalta to 60mgs. I am on 30mgs now. I do not know what to do anymore because when I do see a pdoc all the meds have been used and we do not get very far.

I have been wanting to sleep a lot and I have been going to bed at 9pm at the lastest and not getting up until 8-9am. That is a lot of sleep. Though last night I woke up 6 times. My sleep is interrupted a lot so I guess it is not really restful sleep. I am always tired through the day. I am supposed to go see my DD and my new dgs this weekend. I am happy but feel I should be more excited. I am having a hard time enjoying anything. This is a huge sign of depression....like I did not know that already ;)

I am looking forward to warmer weather coming with more sunny days. I hope that will help my mood.

I am just having a rough time. I am sorry to those who I am late responding to on the board.

     ~ Tina ~

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 4:17pm


Tina, you are certainly in a rough spot.