Hey, what's for dinner?

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Hey, what's for dinner?
Wed, 11-12-2003 - 12:05pm
Hey, where is Tracy with her question? I'm not sure why, but I love knowing what everyone is having for dinner! It must be the voyeur in me - a little look into all your lives!

I'm having leftover curry, because I'm going to actually go visit a gym tonight after work(groan!) and won't have time to cook. What is everyone else having for dinner on this Wednesday?


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Wed, 11-12-2003 - 12:24pm
Pot roast and veggies......already in the CrockPot!

Maybe I'll make a pumpkin pie to go with it. Does that count for a meal in itself?! lol


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Wed, 11-12-2003 - 1:02pm
Thanks for picking this up cgirl.
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Wed, 11-12-2003 - 2:00pm
Tonight we're having Mexican Skillet Hash - fits this board just right. Its quick and easy and everyone likes it.


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Wed, 11-12-2003 - 4:00pm
Something easy for dinner. Hot dogs or grilled cheese. Not sure. I was out sick yesterday and I was feeling so much better this morning, but I'm starting to feel yucky again so I don't think I'll be up for cooking when I get home.


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Wed, 11-12-2003 - 5:32pm

Not sure where Tracy is either .... I might have to send out an APB!!!

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