What are your holiday traditions?

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What are your holiday traditions?
Fri, 11-28-2003 - 8:51am
I am compiling a booklet about modern holiday traditions to share with my children. I would love to hear about any special holiday traditions that your family upholds each year.


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Fri, 11-28-2003 - 11:47am
That's a nice idea. Hope I can add something to this...

One of our traditions originated in Poland (though I think it is common to most Slavic countries). On Christmas Eve as we are together with family/friends we break bread with each other wishing each other a Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Year. The bread is unlevened bread blessed by a priest. Basically, we each have a piece and go around to everyone breaking off a piece of their bread as they break a piece from our piece...then you eat eachother's piece of bread. I found this little explanation on a website...

"That Christmas Eve magic, that reunion in fact or thought with relatives and friends, present, distant, or deceased found particular immanence in the sharing of the "op³atek". An unconsecrated bread wafer, frequently embossed with Christmas scenes, it represents an evolution from the "podp³omyk" (which translates as “before the flame”), a thin flat bread that was traditionally baked before placing the loaves of bread dough in the oven. Scored before baking it would be broken and shared. So too the op³atek, which is ceremoniously shared, each person holding some part of an op³atek in one hand and breaking a piece of one likewise being held in the hand of the other person. Then, before ingesting the newly broken off pieces, each participant in the ceremony wishes the other what ever the heart dictates. The ceremony is repeated with each member of the family, friends and whoever else is present. The ceremony, one of the most enduring and meaningful Christmas Eve traditions, need not occur on Christmas Eve itself." http://wings.buffalo.edu/info-poland/classroom/xmas.html

This also has religious meaning as the bread also symbolizes the body of Christ and the sharing of Christ with others.



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Fri, 11-28-2003 - 4:07pm
Mine sure aren't anything special.
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Fri, 11-28-2003 - 8:12pm

Probably our biggest tradition was x-mas stockings....each x-mas eve, all the family would come over to our house....we'd have a different chilis and snacks and desserts, but what everyone waited for was the stockings....I used to make a different stocking for each person every year....and my dh and I would go on expeditions to find the most outrageous things to stuff each stocking...mostly really Different weird candies...one year we found "gummy" rats....they were incredible!(lol) and a major hit!

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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 6:47am

We (my girls and I ... and if my husband isn't working) always go shopping for the little boy that we pick off the Giving Tree at church.

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