Question about Overactive Sleeping

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Question about Overactive Sleeping
Thu, 05-20-2010 - 9:11am

Hi, This is my first time on this board.

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Thu, 05-20-2010 - 3:10pm

Wow, I think I would make him aware of these situations so that he can discuss them with his doctor.

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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 8:35am

I agree with Amy- it is important for you to let your DH know what is happening to him so he can talk to his doc about this. He will probably be set up for a sleep study to see what is happening during his sleep cycle that makes him do this. He is not alone, there are other people who do these type of things while "sleeping". He can get treatment if he is aware and can talk to the doc. Let us know how this turns out.

Good luck and take care,

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