DH going I/P...not me this time

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DH going I/P...not me this time
Mon, 06-07-2010 - 6:39pm

Folks, I first came on this board maybe two years ago saying I thought my DH might be bp.

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Tue, 06-08-2010 - 11:47am
(((Beth))), I hope a bed becomes available soon for your DH and he gets relief. Sending P&PTs to you both. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

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Wed, 06-09-2010 - 9:03am


I am so sorry to hear that your dh is having such a hard time right now. I hope the hospital can come up with a bed for him or the pdoc can help him more intensely.

Is your dh on any psych meds at this time?

How are you doing? It is true that you need to take care of yourself as well, but it is very stressful and difficult to watch someone we love go through this mental stress and instability, especially when we can do so little to relieve their pain. In addition, it is hard when we have BTDT and understand how hard it is for the one we love and care about.

Please keep us posted on how both of you are doing.

Hugs and hang in there. My prayers are with the two of you.

     ~ Tina ~