Hey everyone! Update OT

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Hey everyone! Update OT
Fri, 02-27-2004 - 8:47pm

Im sorry Ive been so scarce lately, my husband and I are seperating after almost 4 years of being married, anyway, Im feeling ALOT better about things now, I know its for the best, but in the beginning I just didnt want to admit it.

So!! Im going to be moving down to live with mum for awhile(12 hrs away) the sad news is that I wont have a computer for awhile, so Ive been trying to print out alot of recipes...

I was doing that vegetarian thing mainly to prove to DH that I could LOL( I saw in one of his emails to his mother that he was suprised that I was able to do it for so long considering my "bad upbringing" (being a meat eater) So anyway, I may return to being a veggie, but in my own time. Okay I have to admit that I felt ALOT healthier eating no meat.

So, I want your best recipes!!!(meaty or otherwise)


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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 10:54pm

So sorry to hear this Melissa.

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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 6:10am
Hey Melissa.... I am sorry that you are having to go through this but I am glad that you are finally at peace.

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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 6:29pm
Hang in there Melissa and keep us posted..

Good Luck -

Renee =)

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Sun, 02-29-2004 - 5:21am

Wow, Mel, hang in and look to us for love and support!