Guess what's working at my house....(m)

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Guess what's working at my house....(m)
Mon, 03-01-2004 - 2:30pm
MY OVEN! My mom FINALLY got it to work on Saturday. It wasn't the pilot light - the knobs were switched and for some reason that made the oven unable to turn on. (I don't even want to get in to how or why I didn't notice this LOL).

So now you can call me Jill the silly blonde who's oven was not working because she couldnt light the pilot because it was already lit and she just needed to get her eyes and brain to work at the same time and put the knobs in the right spot.

Or just Jill

or Jillian

or hey lady

hey you


I probably wouldnt asnwer to a whistle though....

Hee hee.

Looking forwward to participating in the "whats cooking' thread again!
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Mon, 03-01-2004 - 3:21pm
Well, it's good to hear that you got it going again!

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Mon, 03-01-2004 - 6:49pm

Daisy's right.

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