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Tue, 07-27-2010 - 1:06am
My brothers kids are 12 and 9 and both are very gifted.


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That's so great about your kids!

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I was responding to your post last night and I was almost finished and my power went out from a storm we were having...ugh. I was so mad and I could not get back on last night when the power came back on. So, I will attempt this

What great news about your kids!!

I had read that there are a percentage of children who are diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar because they are over active or "misbehave" in some way. Many providers are placing children and people in boxes. If you fit the 3-5 symptoms of an illness that must be what you have and they do not investigate other possibilities, such as being "gifted" or having some other medical issues happening. When I was a teen I was diagnosed as being hyperactive (the old title for ADHD) but I was not and my parents fell for the diagnosis for about a week, seen what the medication Ritalin did to me and said, we do not need this medication for you. I stopped taking it immediately anyway, without my parents say.

I was only an active kid...not over active, I was not a rebellious kid, and I was also above intelligence as a child. I was always bored as a kid. If Keeley is bored and needs extra stimulation you can do that with her. You can learn what you can do for her. Ask your brother for suggestions for when Keeley comes home and research things online. Maybe get her some learning toys that are at an age above her age now.

Now, Jodie, I know you are not stupid. You are very articulate in your posts and I can tell you are not stupid. You are a good mom and can learn to accommodate Keeley's needs and Brendan's as well. Every parent has to learn about their child and handle them with their unique ways. Also, every child is different.

So, you are way more intelligent then a little higher than Forrest Gump's level. He was even smarter than people gave him credit for. You are smart and a good person, so stop beating up on yourself.

Keep us posted on how you are doing and things with dh and the children.

Love & Hugs,

     ~ Tina ~

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Don't put yourself down.