It's been EXTENDED!!

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It's been EXTENDED!!
Tue, 08-03-2010 - 5:28pm

Jon won't be home now till the END of September.


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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 11:14am


Sorry to hear about the extension. My dd goes through her dh going out on the ship all the time and for weeks at a time. He was out for 3 weeks and was home for 3 days and then left again this week and will not be back until the end of August for a short time, and then he will go underway again. It is stressful for my dd. She is alone a lot and she has no family close by either. She hates that their new son does not get to see his daddy a lot. I think in December he is being deployed for 6 mos to a year. Not a good thing for my dd to think about. I see how stressful the military is through my dd's experience, so I realize this is stressful for you as well.

Hang in there and I hope the time goes by quick and smooth.

     ~ Tina ~

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Thu, 08-12-2010 - 1:16pm
It's been a week or so since we've heard from you Jodie, how are you holding up?