Review 227 The Paperboys Club by Mobashar Qureshi

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Review 227 The Paperboys Club by Mobashar Qureshi
Tue, 04-10-2012 - 9:34am


Detective Samantha Banter's latest case becomes more personal than she could ever have imagined. While trying to find a young boy's killer, her trail leads to a man locked in a mental institution and back to her own daughter.

What Banter discovers in her investigation may change her forever.

Pretty good story..Took a bit to get into it would jump to what seemed like random characters...but they all came together...The ending felt rushed...had to reread see what is a good one for a Q author...for the A-Z author challenge... :)


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Wed, 04-11-2012 - 12:26am
I was thinking that surname would be good for an author challenge. ;) Hope your brain got everything sorted out after the re-read of the ending!

Thanks for your review. :)