Frustrated with TTC

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Frustrated with TTC
Fri, 06-29-2012 - 3:59pm

My husband and I have been TTC since January of 2010.  We started with clomid, upgraded to multiple IUIs and finally one round of IVF which failed.  The doctors and specialist can't find anything wrong or unusual about us and is just chalking it up to "unexplained infertility".  It seems like everyone around us is either pregnant and/or on child 2, 3, or 4 .... It's like we can't escape.  It was okay to deal with when others I didn't see as often were pregnant but now that my SIL is expecting her first in September of this year, it seems so real.  I actually love my in-laws and spending time with them but now I cringe at the fact knowing it will be all baby talk (especially since it will be the first grandchild for my DHs parents).  I try and stay positive but with all this frustration I just feel tired and alone some days.  I have so many unanswered questions about this whole wild ride of infertility and the big one is 'why me' and 'why is this not working when I'm doing everything right'?  I am a religious person and believe in God but sometimes I even question his purpose and is this the path I am supposed to be on.  It's so hard to choke down the reality of it all and after reading through some of these posts .... I realize I'm definitely not alone.  I actually just finished a book called The Conception Chronicles (which I highly recommend)  that has also helped me feel not so alone and gave me a few laughs in a tough situation.  Hope to find some comfort here when I need it most.