October Cyclers - Post Here

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October Cyclers - Post Here
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 10:08am

Anyone looking at a cycle in October?  Here's a thread for you!  Good luck!!


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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 10:23am

Oh, my name is Lindsay, btw. 

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 10:21am

Welcome!  From the looks of it there aren't very many people cycling in October so we can easily make this an Oct/Nov group =)  Some of us find comfort in knowing every single detail (all of mine are in my siggy) but there's absolutely nothing wrong with just letting the docs do their thing and taking one day at a time.  We also used ICSI because my husband has bad sperm (low count, morph and motility - the trifecta!).  We TTC for about three years before our first IVF in '09 too.  It's such a long hard road.  If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, I'll do my best to help.  Happy you found us here!!!

I just saw we were typing at the same time so I'm going to edit this and try to answer some of your questions:

1. Acupuncture has been shown in some studies to help grow eggs and help implantation.  I used it on my fresh cycle and my first FET (last month) but I'm going to try not using it this cycle and see how it goes.  The research is less sure about it helping in FET cycles.  If you have an acupuncturist near you this might be something to look in to. Mine was $75 a visit and she wanted to see me twice a week for 4 weeks before transfer.  Then on day of transfer it was $300 for acupuncture before and after transfer.  With you doing it remotely maybe you'd use a different acupuncturist on the day of transfer.

2. The cost of meds can vary a lot depending on what your doctor prescribes.  I was self pay during my fresh IVF and spent about $2k.  I found some of my meds on freegaragesale.com for about 1/2 price.  It's a site where other IVF patients sell their extras but beware, some get ripped off sometimes. I only bought from people who were local and I could meet in person to exchange $ with.  

3. Royal bee pollen has been shown to help with fertility but I forgot exactly how.  I took it during my fresh cycle...along with a handful of other vitamins and supplements =)

Please don't appologize for any question!  I remeber what it was like my first time through and it was so nice to have others to talk to about all of this.  It's a crazy ride but it does work =)  

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DH - (34) & I (Caryn-37) got Married in Mar '06, started TTC Jan '07
~3 years of TTC, 8 cycles on Clomid, LAP surgery, 3 IUIs and 1 lucky IVF

IVF details: DHEA therapy and acupuncture for three months before IVF
BCPs for 30 days - Micro Lupron Flare protocol - started cycle on 8/29/09
Stims: Menopur (225) and Bravelle (225) for 10.5 days
ER 9/12/09 - 12 eggs, 11 mature, 11 fertilized with ICSI, 10 developed
5dt of 2 blasts on 9/17/09 - 4 A & B quality blasts made it to the freezer
OHSS started 9/20 - paracentesis of 750ml on 9/28 & 3x a day Heparin
Betas: 13 DPO hCG=107 on 9/25 and 16 DPO hCG=298 on 9/28/09
1st u/s on 10/14/09 at 6w4d ~ 1 stuck and had a heart rate of 122
2nd u/s on 10/27/09 at 8w3d ~ 3 days ahead and heart rate was 173
NT scan on 12/1/09 at 13w3d ~ heart rate was 164 and fold = 1.5mm
12/28/09 at 17w2d u/s said GIRL and 1/19 u/s at 20w3d agreed

Kylie Brynn arrived via c-section on May 29, 2010!

TTC #2 - FET in September of 2012 - BFN. Next FET in October, better luck this time, please!

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 10:20am

Yes! I have about a million questions, actually! First of all, so glad to hear about your success. That's very encouraging. I've tried to be cautiously optimistic about our likelihood, I'm 29 with no issues and my husband (DH?) is 29 as well. It just all seems like a bit of a crap shoot, with everyone's case being uniquely their own. So it's encouraging, but I'm trying not to let myself be too encouraged. A bright little ray of sunshine, I know! :smileyhappy:

Our doc is in St. Louis, and we're in Tulsa. There are two centers that I know of in Oklahoma. The one in Tulsa is AWFUL and I will never step foot in it again. I've heard good things about the center in OKC, but even better about our doctor in St. Louis, who is very "doctors-without-border" and a little vulger. I like him a lot. Plus his clinic has a 90% success rate. So anyway, being that our doctor is 6 hours away, I will obviously be doing a lot of traveling. I have already accepted that not being able to book airfare and hotel in advance is going to be a financial sting, but I feel like I should be able to get a good idea on pharm costs and types of meds.

Can you fill me in on the different types of shots and pills and such there are (I know everyone takes different ones)? I saw a lot of Lupron; it seems to be pretty standard. What is the average cost without insurance. We're doing all of this out-of-pocket. Hooray! Also, I saw something about royal bee jelly a few places. What on earth is that? It seems really effective. And why accupuncture for some ladies? Does that help?

I'm afraid you just opened up a whole can of questions. My apologies! 

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 1:05am

We had male factor issues that had us skip right over getting to try the less invasive procedures as well. It took three cycles (we had other issues as well) but we have an ivf miracle about to turn 3!

Starting out in the process can be so overwhelming, but you will catch on. Is there anything you have questions about or just want to know more about? We've all been there at one time or another, so feel free to take advantage of our knowledge. It really doesn't matter between October or November where you post, just posting and getting the support from others who have BTDT is a big help.

Good luck!!
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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 11:11pm

I'm new, not sure if I'm considered October or November. I'm on BCP now. Last day of the pill is scheduled to be 10/26. Training/orientation 10/24 and hopefully ER around Veterans Day. If I'm November and not October, I'll just hang around here until that thread is started.

I hate to say it, but I feel very underprepared for this and it seems like we've been planning it for soooo long! I was reading through the September cycles and all of this sounds like a completely new language. My husband has bad sperm. That's about as far as my technical knowledge goes at the moment. Our protocol includes ICIS, if/when we get there. We have tried every bazaar pregnancy technique we've heard of for the past 3 years, and are completely skipping over IUI or other treatments. We're told they just won't be effective for us. So here we are! Glad to have found this place!

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 11:27pm
I'm here =) Following my BFN in the September thread I'm jumping into another FET try. Just got my protocol today and I'll be doing a transfer on 10/29. Start BCPs Saturday. Anyone else here in the October group?