Implantation, maybe?

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Implantation, maybe?
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 8:31pm

Hi Ladies!  It's nice to be back!  1st is 2 years 4 months now, and we're trying for #2.  I'm on month #2 of trying and am on CD27 of a typical 30-day cycle.  This past Saturday night (CD25), I think I may have had implantation spotting, perhaps?  Apologies now for possible TMI, but curious what others' have had:  it was a bit of dark brown mixed in with yellow-ish mucous.  It was just the one time.  My FF BBT chart showed a 2nd temp dip 2 days before this (Thurs) and then higher temps after (Fri, Sat, Sun) - essentially a 2nd temp shift.     With that 2nd shift, FF changed my Ov day to CD23, but I'm wondering if maybe it was implantation?   I know I won't know until I can test this weekend, but I'm obsessing!!  Anyone else have any symptoms similar to this with previous little ones?   Thanks!

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 2:54pm
It's a possibility, the timing seems really good. How has your chart been since then?

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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 9:18am

Hello there,
I'm just stalking but I wanted to share my implantation bleeding experience. Currently pg with #3. Did not have implantation bleeding with the first 2. Wasn't planning this one so the bleeding really threw me. I thought AF was starting a week early and I was pretty miffed. Anyway, mine only lasted 1 day, enough that I needed a pad (like the first day of my normal AF) and was more brownish than red. Then it stopped completely. A week later I had a BFP.

Sorry but I know nothing about charts. Hopefully you get the answer you're hoping for. Good luck!