Fried bologna sandwiches

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Fried bologna sandwiches
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 8:58pm

On Triple D, Guy just had a fried bologna sandwich.  OH, I got excited!  Now, in the South, we like very thick deli sliced bologna, white bread, hot sauce, mustard, and pepper on our bologna sandwiches.  But when we fry the bologna it's a little different.  You need to make it like a grilled cheese.  

The sandwich he had on the show used very THIN delic sliced bologna (paper thin, really), which went onto the grill to carmelize with onions, bell pepper, and then had cheese steamed over it.  They serve it grilled, with or without lettuce and tomato; you know, have it your way!   It looked insanely good!

It inspired me...I have so much fun packing lunches, I should get some bologna and make some bread and pack the unassembled sandwich.  Reheat the bologna at work in the nukker, toast the bread, and my favorite "junk food" would be ready for lunch at the office!  

What do you think about bologna sandwiches?  

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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 12:53pm

Bologna fried is the only way I like to eat it but I haven't had it in years, probably about 15 or 20 when my kids were little. I made it a few times like the school lunch, fried round with a heap of mashed potatoes and sprinkled with cheese.  The cheese steak version sound rather good.  I can image I would give it a try but I have a hard time following thought with many of the food ideas I come across.  There are just to many that sound and look good and bring back memories.

My dad used to make a lunch meat spread, bologna, boiled eggs, pickles, I'm not sure what else. He would grind it all up and we had sandwiches for the next week or so.  As kids our school lunches were dads spread, cheese and mayo or peanut butter and jelly.