When did your Snow Pea get a first haircut, or have they not had one yet?

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When did your Snow Pea get a first haircut, or have they not had one yet?
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 10:24pm

Anyone else have one who hasn't had a first haircut yet? 

I was musing on whether James will make it to 2 without a first haircut, just because only now, have his bangs even approached his eyes...He's got the messy toddler scrubbies in the back, starting, because his hair is finally long enough to do that, but not even close to long enough yet, to risk being thought a girl. 

Anyone else have a Snow Pea who hasn't needed a haircut yet?

When did yours get their first?



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Trey got his first haircut just after he turned 1. He has has 3-4 since then and he hates getting it cut. The clippers scare him I think.

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Madeline hasn't got her hair cut yet and it's to her shoulders now. So nice to not have to cut it. It's growing evenly as well, people assume she's had it cut. My 3 sons had their hair cut well before their 1st bday.
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Jacob had his first a few months ago and did really well.  We had left it long for quite awhile and had it cut with scissors.  The second attempt was at the barber and went horribly.  He's overdo and looks like I took a lawnmower to his hair.  I was going to take him back to the first place last week, but he's been sick with an ear infection.  We'll try again next chance we get.

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Ronan got his first haircut at 14 months, and he's had one more since then. He never really had much hair, and it's so blonde that it's hard to see!
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