Homecoming Court Prank?

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Homecoming Court Prank?
Tue, 09-25-2012 - 1:30pm

Has anyone heard about this news story about the girl that was picked to be on the homecoming court at her school as a prank? The story has been making the rounds, and I'm just flabbergasted that kids can be so mean to each other.  Here is a link to the story: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/25/14092311-teen-picked-for-homecoming-court-as-prank-i-felt-like-piece-of-trash

A lot of the comments on the story are blaming the parents of the bullies, and I partly agree with that.  I would throttle my kids if I ever found out they played in a role in being this mean to someone, and hope that the parents of these bullies hand out some harsh punishments to their kids.  Hopefully they aren't the type to assume that their angels would never behave in such a way. 

The community seems to be really rallying around this young lady, and I hope that she has a very good time at homecoming.  I also hope that she's not further bullied by the story making the media rounds. 


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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 4:28pm

This happened in my state, so I have been following the story.  I think it's terrific how the community has supported her.  When Greg (now a junior) was a freshman, he was named to homecoming court.   We could not for the life of us figure out how or why, especially since he was a bullied kid in middle school--the geeky brainiac who was always singing to himself.  We didn't know if it was a joke or not--but if it was a joke, we never found out about it.  After all, it's some joke that has the "victim" getting to dress up, ride in a convertible in a parade, be showcased during half time, and get to go to a dance. 

He has really come into his own in  high school:  top 10 in his class, big roles in the school musicals, varsity athlete in cross country and track, everyone likes him.  He's still a geeky braniac who sings to himself, but he has a solid group of friends in many different groups and is loving high school.

I hope this incident helps the kids at this girl's school to see that she really is a neat kid and someone worth knowing.

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 1:51pm
I read this story a couple of days ago and it really made me smile to think of how the girl handled the bullying. Good for her! It is important to note that she obviously has a very supportive family if she was comfortable enough to discuss the situation with them. She has got a lot of self confidence and she is going to do just fine in life. I love the way the town has rallied around her as well. Robin