Poems That I Feel Are What Rests Inside Me.... :O

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Poems That I Feel Are What Rests Inside Me.... :O
Tue, 09-25-2012 - 2:06pm

So every now and then I will post a poem about what troubles my soul and then, yeah. ^_^

Here's one:

Figure looms, confident and calm.

Alone I will sit, though he is here all night long.

The sadness will not end, no matter what we do...

The figure forever looms and tears at a relationship that would otherwise bloom.

I cannot call him mine, unless the other allows permission.

The time has passed for me to win.

I sit and mourn at the death of such a love.

The love that finally provided a haven for this empty, forgotten dove... :smileysad:

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Welcome to PW, katianura!

Have you been here before?

Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your soul.  Would you like comments, such as gentle critique? If so, you  could let us know by adding c/p (critique, please) to the subject line.

Thanks again for this.



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Ah, the amazing woman in my life. I loaf you KATHY!!!!!!!!!  (Like a loaf of bread!) lol :smileylol:

K- Kind and unique with a sense of courage, this woman is complete.

A- Artistic and sweet, as the berries on a tree.

T- The only woman I adore, my friend and mentor.

H- Healing all hurts, though she has many bruises, she is a woman of heart and NEVER misuses.

Y- Young, talented, sprited, and I love who she is, you are beatuful my darling firend.




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Welcome to PW -- hope to read more of your work soon!
"It is with a strange malice / That I distort the world." -- from The Weeping Burgher by Wallace Stevens