Tuesday's Update - September 25

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Tuesday's Update - September 25
Tue, 09-25-2012 - 4:21pm

At the Club bar, Jack tells Cane that Beauty of Nature's at risk if he can't come up with the margin call. Phyllis arrives and asks what's wrong. Jack says, "Victor." She wonders what he did now. Jack replies, "He died." After, Cane worries about the damage to Jabot if word gets out Jack can't pay his debt. Jack muses that they haven't merged the companies - there may be a way to fix this. Nikki tells Nick, at the ranch, that she went there to be close to Victor. She cries that she thought he would come back. Phyllis arrives, saying she just heard. Nikki leaves, and Nick goes into Phyllis' arms. Nick tells her he's determined to learn what happened in L.A. They call the kids.

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