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This and that
Tue, 09-25-2012 - 7:18pm

 As you may have noticed I am trying to post a lot more lately in order to keep myself on track. I checked my debt today and I'm happy to say I over reported :smileyhappy:

My student loan is UNDER $20K (Yesssssss) just at $19,880 (I'll still take it)

My Car is $7980 (Under $8K)

Got the LOC right at $12,800

So today I discovered my new bank account AND my new CC that came with the account give me points that I can redeem towards financial rewards (i.e. money) I can use it to pay down my mortgage or add to my efund. So far I have $100 worth (it was really just because I got a bonus when I opened the account :smileyhappy: So I'm going to add it to my efund!

My other CC also pays dividends in November. I got my statement and I am at $200 at the moment. They just credit it to the card, but I can use this to buy some Christmas presents or maybe stock up on dog food. Not sure yet.

Also waiting on a cheque for $60 for doing some online surveys.

I'm also challenging myself to NOT grocery shop for the next two weeks. I have a TON of food here and with the exception of some yogurt I am going to live out of my pantry. Any extra money will be going to pad my cash store so that when things go on sale I can stock up.

Lots of babbling here :smileyhappy:

Hopefully I can make this work!

Bex -

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 3:21pm
Good work Bex....


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 10:59pm

We have lots of food in the house but I like it that way. Makes me feel secure to know we can eat for a long time w/o having to buy anything :smileyhappy:

Good luck with the challenge! Le t us know how you do.


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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 9:31am
So far so good except . . . I forgot that Thanksgiving is next weekend, so I will likely have to buy some stuff for that (although if I'm not hosting it then it may just be some wine!)

No grocery shopping/ eating out in 4 days. The weekend will really determine how well I do with this!

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