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Help Me!
Tue, 09-25-2012 - 11:45pm

I'm drowning in body fat!


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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 7:56am
Julie! How are you? We've missed you!



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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 7:43pm
Hey there!
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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 2:11am

Hi Julie!

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Tue, 10-16-2012 - 10:57am

Hello again everyone.  So... I got on the scale this morning and it read 177, yikes! I have gained back the 15 pounds that I lost last year, plus three more.  Enough is enough, it's time to get back to clean eating and exercising.  Have been on the computer this morning looking for recipes and meal ideas and have started a brand new journal.  Because I have so many other issues to deal with right now besides food, I have decided to do the old fashioned paper and pen. 

Now I am going to go put on my walking shoes, clip  on my pedometer and a warm coat (it's 44 here burrr) and take a long walk.  Hope to see all of you around here more often.