need help!!! went down to 3 pumps/day and having huge engorgement issues!!!

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need help!!! went down to 3 pumps/day and having huge engorgement issues!!!
Wed, 09-26-2012 - 7:08am

I'm 5 months pp and was doing 4 pumps/day for about a month. I was getting 50oz/day with 4 pumps/day. Now I planned to cut back to 3/day b/c I'm starting to feel ready to be done pumping. I have a HUGE freezer supply, so I'm just ready to be done.

My right breast has always been larger then my left and its always pumped way more too. Well yesterday my left breast started hurting during my bedtime pump and then all night long I felt real yucky and my left boob was very painful and engorged. Now it's way bigger then my right which has never happened.

I check my temp to see if I was running a fever and I wasn't. What could be going on? I'm pumping now and it's just uncomfortable on my left breast...??? Please help!


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You might have a plugged duct or mastitis. I have struggled with plugged ducts a lot, and the recurrent one I have on my right side sounds like what you have: painful, engorged, much bigger than the left. But the "feeling yucky" part sounds like where it might be mastitis. I was just diagnosed with low-grade mastitis yesterday. On Monday night, my left boob started to get very sore, but in a different way from the plugged duct. I felt achy and tired, like the flu. My temp went to almost 101 yesterday morning, but dropped steadily throughout the day. I also had a red spot over the tender area. I think the biggest difference for me in the breast was that with the plugged duct, that whole part of my boob felt very firm. With the mastitis, my production has dropped, but the breast still feels soft after I pump. It's sore and inflamed tissue, rather than a back up of fluid.

The typical advice for either is pump a lot (I know, just what you are trying to stop!), warm compresses, massage. But if you think it could be mastitis, I'd put in a call to the doctor. My doctor's office was almost ready to give me antibiotics over the phone, but since my OBGYN had a free appointment, I figured I would go in. 

So, this could be something totally different for you, but that's been my experience with some of the symptoms you provided! (Oh, and my mastitis came on as I'm trying to drop from 3 to 2 pumps, so not fully draining the breasts seems to be a huge trigger.)

Hope you feel better!