In need of more advice....

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In need of more advice....
Wed, 09-26-2012 - 7:51am

So here I am in need of advice YET again...sorry for being annoying...

I don't like my OB/GYN AT ALL. My first appointment with him was very rushed, basically I was in the room for 8 minutes, and 4 minutes of that was me getting undressed and dressed again. He seemed very unconcerned with anything I had to say, or any questions I had. But I gave him the benifit of the doubt, and decided to see how my next appointment went.

Yesterday I had my second appointment with him, he was 45 minutes late (it happens, I wasn't even too upset about that) and a good 10 minutes of that lateness was him arguing with his secretary about some bill they recieved (in a waiting room with 6 women right in front of them). When I got in the room, he weighed me, and seemed unconcerned that I have lost 18 KG for a grand total of 39.6 lbs, when I said "jeez isn't that a lot of weight in 6 weeks?" he said "I guess we'll wait and see what happens at your 20 week ultrasound!" . He checked the baby's heart, and his equipment is so bloody old that it didn't even say what the baby's heart rate was.  I asked him if he could answer a few questions for me and he said "i don't have time to answer questions today, have you seen my waiting room?!?" , which I thought was extremely rude, since it's not my fault that he overbooked.I was in there a total of 7 minutes.

I want a new OB, but that means I have to ask my family doctor for a transfer, and I'm not sure if she'll do it for me, because she thinks he's an amazing doctor. It may be true that he's one of the oldest and best doctors around, but his bad attitude has made me not want to visit him ever again!! This is my first pregnancy that has made it this far, so I have questions, and concerns and he just has no time for me...


Does anyone have any advice?

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 9:21am

I would put all of the issues that you dealth with in writing.  Send it to your family doctor and cc the OBGYN so they know why you are leaving.  Request a new OBGYN!  If your family doctor will not grant the request at least everyone will know what your concerns are and maybe the doctor will be more accomodating next time.  If it happened once I might chalk it up to a bad/hectic day but for him to be rude to you twice is rude and unprofessional.  His job is to answer your questions.  He could have handled the situation very differently.  Sorry you had such crummy visits!

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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 2:38am

It is completely unacceptable, and unprofessional, that your Dr told you he didn't have time to answer your questions.  I'm suprised the waiting room is that busy, if that's how he treats patients.  My OB doesn't have the best bedside manner, but he's always been a good doc.  He's more "old-school" too, all businees... but he has always asked if I have questions, and would answer any that I may have.  If you aren't happy, switch.  This is about you & your baby, & your comfort!  Hope you find someone else soon!