This really gets me mad!!

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This really gets me mad!!
Wed, 09-26-2012 - 8:24am

First off, I know some families, this is the main source of nutrition for their students.  So, I can see how this may hurt them.  But in general, pack a snack or egads, bring your own lunch you whiney babies!!   These kids are in high school, but are to dumb to pack a sandwich or grab an apple in the morning?!?!  I have a football player, he brings a lunch most days, we don't need him eating the crud they feed them at school anyway!!

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 9:26am

Yes, that is a tough one!  DD packs her lunch 3-4 days a week usually, but on the days she buys lunch, she spends an atrocious amount of ala carte items and still takes a snack for directly afterschool before work because she's hungry still.  I am glad they are working towards a more nutritious lunch, but until they are getting more nutritious things at home, they aren't going to like or be as used to the stuff at school, and yes, athletes definitely need to be eating snacks or bringing a bit more.  My younger one who just started K, I was packing her lunches the first week, but she was so excited to take hot lunch that we let her for a week and a half and she complained of tummy aches all last week, while their school lunches are on the healthier side, the stuff I packed was much healthier, and she was getting to choose up to 2 chocolate milks a day, one at lunch and one with either their in-class breakfast or snack.  She rarely gets milk, let alone chocolate milk at home and I am thinking that was the source of her tummy aches.

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 10:51am

I could see how the students who are athletes or work on a farm (as mentioned in the article) could feel that the lunch is too small.  Like any other food changes, things take getting used to.  If a student comes from a family that eats a lot of meat (and i would be if they are farmers, they do) then to have a meal where meat is really the side dish might make them feel like they aren't getting enough food, but they did say they could take extra fruit & veggies if they are still hungry.  My son is 17 and lately he's been taking just a small sandwich for lunch--I don't know how he is not hungry, but he doesn't really like the school lunch, although he ate it the last 2 yrs.