New study suggests sexual arousal makes people willing to do otherwise "gross" things

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New study suggests sexual arousal makes people willing to do otherwise "gross" things
Wed, 09-26-2012 - 11:03am

Would you use your mate's toothbrush to brush your teeth?What about wipe your hands on a used tissue? According to this Health Day News article, "In the new study, which appears in the September issue of the journal PLoS One, researchers assigned 90 women to one of three groups. The researchers tried to arouse one group by showing them "female-friendly" erotica, while another group watched a clip of high-energy outdoor activities such as rafting and sky diving. The third group watched a video of a train ride in the hope that they wouldn't be stimulated at all.

Then the researchers asked the women to accomplish several tasks, some of which would normally be seen as gross, such as drinking from a cup with a real-seeming bug in it (the insect was actually fake), wiping their hands with what appeared to be a used tissue, eating a cookie that was next to a worm or putting their finger in a tray of used condoms.

"The group of women that were sexually aroused were more willing than the other groups to do the tasks requested and did significantly more tasks than the other groups," Borg said. "Sexual arousal seems to be playing an active role in here, making us do things that we would not necessarily consider otherwise." READ MORE

Your thoughts?


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Hmmm... my initial thought was that sexual arousal lowers inhibitions, so it kind of makes sense, I guess. But aroused or not, I am not touching a tray of used condoms!