Urologist Visit

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Urologist Visit
Wed, 09-26-2012 - 11:22am

Some of you may remember that Joshua was born with the same abnormality as his big brother. It's called hypospadius. For some reason, the urethra did not make it all the way to the tip of his penis and opens just underneath the tip of the penis. It is a mild case, just like his brothers. 

We had our first visit with the urologist. He confirmed that it's mild just like our first son's and we will go through the same exact steps to fix it as we did with #1. 

So looks like we are set to go through surgury next August. I'm hoping for mid August after DS1 goes to school. My mom is also going to come and visit then as well to help with diaper changes. It's a complicated process with two diapers for the catheter to flow into the outside diaper while the inside diaper catches the bowel movements. Baby is usually in pain because of the surgery and the catheter, so diaper changes are not fun!! And two people are needed.

So I've got about 10 months to prepare to go through it again. Phooey. 

Doctor was amused that we had another son with the condition. He says he can't say that he's had many brothers that he's had to repair. He still can't confirm whether it's genetic or enviromental that causes the urethra to just stop developing in utero. 

Lucky us!