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Honey Boo Boo's niece
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 12:39am
So after watching the season finale where the baby is born with an extra thumb it got me thinking - would I have it removed so she could be "normal" or embrace it as something unique? What are everyone's thoughts on things like this - accept as "god"(or whoever) intended it or change it?

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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 2:17pm
I don't watch so I don't know the exact circumstances but I think it would depend on how much, if any, it would negatively affect my child. If it would make it difficult for my child to pick things up, then I would probably remove it but if it didn't get in the way and actually provided added benefit like the child could hold more things (wouldn't that be helpful to moms?), then I think I'd keep it. This reminds me of how some members of the Deaf community will not get cochlear implants for themselves or their children because they don't view deafness as something that needs to be "fixed."
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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 2:54pm
It depends on if it will affect how the baby's hands are going to function in the future. My thumbs are both bent at about a 135 degree angle and they work just fine because the joints bend perfectly. Most people don't even notice because it's just how my hands are. If my baby's thumbs were like mine, I wouldn't change them. I fought with my older DS's dad about it because he wanted to straighten the baby's fingers. It wasn't necessary.
Still, an extra thumb might cause her to get tortured in school when she gets older, so I would think about it and discuss it with my husband.
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