I need advice

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I need advice
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 3:55am

My Daughter is 10 and has always been home schooled, she mentioned that she might like to "try" public school. I'm torn about the idea, I know she would like being around other kids, and she's very smart, but I feel like I would be throwing her to the wolves. I don't really get any support from my Husband (he's real wishy-washy about it depending on his mood) I LOVE home schooling, I just feel like she may be missing something, and I may be depriving her of something, she was in girl scouts, pottery class, a sport, but over the summer none of it was happening, now we haven't got back in the swing of things yet, I'm hoping when all the extra things start up again she will be ready to stay with the home schooling.

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 4:07am

I think it's not uncommon for kids to go through a "the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence" phase.  My dd has several times but I've stayed firm with our commitment to hs and now she thanks me because she's finally enjoying the control she has over her learning, and the flexibility and time she has to pursue her interests.  

It would be good if you and your dd could sit down and talk about this.  Listen to what she has to say (even if you don't act on her wishes, you'll show that you're willing to listen and build her confidence that she can talk to you).  Find out what her reasons are for wanting to try ps.  If she's missing friends, try to arrange playdates more often.  If she's missing the activities you had, get some of those back up and running.  Etc.  Also take the time to talk to her about the reasons why you hs, and the benefits to her in doing so.  Keep it simple and positive...not a "ps bash" session.  

She's not to young to start taking on some "ownership" of her education process, so start enlisting her input on some choices, like scheduling, or which of two workbooks to use for a particular subject, etc.  

HTH.  Stay firm in your commitment and don't let her think she can persuade you to change your mind...unless you want your mind changed, that is.  There's nothing "wrong" with sending her, if you decide that she should go.  But there's also nothing wrong with continuing to hs :smileyhappy:

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