TMI ladies - but I could really use your feedback

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TMI ladies - but I could really use your feedback
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 8:48am


Ok, so this is gross and I hate talking about it.  But I'd like to hear your feedback and see if anyone else is going through this.

Since the beginning of this pregnancy, I have had a TON of vaginal discharge.  We're talking a LOT.  No matter what I do, i.e. shower 3x's a day, wear pantyliners, etc., it smells and I smell!  I feel wet all the time and I feel like other people can smell me because I can smell me.  It's disgusting!  And no matter how much water I drink, my urine smells really bad too. 

Is anyone else having this problem?  I've never had this with my other pregnancies.  I had a UTI and a vaginal infection at 8wks.  Maybe the antibiotics didn't work and I still have it??? 

I go to the OB next Tuesday so I'm definitely going to ask.  But I'm so tired of dealing with this. 

Has anyone ever had a problem with leaking amniotic fluid?  Could that be what's happening?

Any feedback is appreciated!


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You should check with your dr to see if your infection wasn't cleared up. I have the heavier dischange at the end but I do know that heavier dischange in the beginning can be normal too. I am thinking it may be an infection still because you said it smells. My pee starts to smell during pregnancy too. I always have wondered if it just that my sense of smell is stronger, if it the prenatal vitamins or part of pregnancy but it does seem to be normal for me. I have never had leaking amniotic fluid or heard of it happening. I am sure that is not the case but I am sure your dr can put your mind at ease.


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same issue here!! it does seem to be clearing up a bit. i too have had a uti since the beginning that i cant seem to get rid of. still taking antibiotics for it. so maybe thats it. would def ask the doc.

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Thank you for the responses ladies!  Glad to hear that I'm not alone. 

I will definitely ask my OB next Tuesday when I go for my 16-week appointment.  I was hoping this would clear up with the start of the 2nd trimester but it sounds like it's just a pregnancy thing.  Fun times, right? :-)

I'll update everyone after I see the OB.