October Goals

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October Goals
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 11:52am

Hello again DSG! Another month is coming to a close. How did your September go? As well as you had planned?

Share your October Goals with us, so we can encourage and cheer you on!



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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 12:01pm
I didn't do September goals, so my October goals will be a fresh start. My goals are simple:
1. Do NOT use a CC for any reason
2. Pay off CC #1 by Oct. 31
3. Find one more source of income

Let's hope by keeping it short and sweet I can accomplish these!
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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 3:26pm

those are great goals! welcome to the board

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 3:35pm


My September Goals were:

* Pay extra again towards my mortgage. I am literally just taking this one paycheck at a time. when I had a huge debtload, I had to live paycheck to paycheck. When I got out of debt, I kept that mindset. Each week, I leave myself just enough for gas, groceries and planned spending. Every other penny goes towards something planned - even if it's savings, or as of late, my mortgage.  I will not be able to pay as much extra as I have been, but I am still knocking off another 2 months of my mortgage. The balance is now where it would normally be in October 2018. wootwoo!

* Finish up the above mentioned home improvements. Purchase a vanity top for bathroom. $200? Yes, this is done, the vanity was purchased for $178, years in the making- so happy this is done!

* Decide on destination for trip, as mentioned above still no decision, still waiting on some info from a third party.

My October Goals are:

* we have some planned maintenance - furnace, lawn care, fall plants, decorations, etc. I am estimating $400 for everything.

* pay extra towards my mortgage principle. I am hoping to knock 9-12 more months off my mortgage

* again, hoping for some info so I can plan a trip! I need some time away!

* I have a few scattered days off from work, nothing much planned, hopefully I can keep it simple.

Good luck to everyone!


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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 4:28pm

Pay off dentist = $ 119.15.  I owe my employer $210.  I'd like to see that down to at least $100 by the last of October and totally gone by November 30.

Save at least $300 for Christmas, I need to play catch up.  

Other than these things, we are doing good.  I just need to try to build up some decent savings.  All my medical issues & DH's dental issues eat up a lot of cash this year.

Live, love & enjoy life!

P.S.  Side note to medical issues above.....I am doing SOOOOOOO much better!


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 5:12pm

September goals:

1. Stick to $300 per 2 week period for food/ general household expenses.  I did not quite get here, but was very close!! 

2. Get a job!  I would even go back to retail at this point.  I need to get out of the house...I am going nuts being home all day.  OK, well, this was crazy.  I was offered a job on 9-7, but the manager said "Well, you are hired, I just don't know what position I am going to put you in.  I will consult with the other hiring manager and will call you back tomorrow."  And then I never heard from her, and was not able to reach her.  Back to the drawing board...

3. Study, study, study!  I'm only taking medical terminology, but I am not feeling very motivated right now.  I am getting a B+, I think.  Not bad, not great.

4. Get more info about the grad schools I am considering  DONE!!



1. Get a job!!!  I have applied for 8 jobs in the past week..hopefully, I'll hear back from one or two.

2. Stick to the cash plan for food/household items.  (I am going to go for $300 per two week period again..we were SO close this time.)

3. Keep other spending to a minimum.

4. Keep on top of the health issues I have been having.  I am very doctor shy right now...

5. Go to a grad school information session...this shouldn't be a problem unless I get a job and am required to work that day, in which case, that would be a good excuse in my book...

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 6:11pm

My September goals were :September goals are to add $900 to EF bringing the balance to $4060!!   Yay - hit my goal

Lose 5 lbs, continue my exercise - I did meet my excercise goal but didn't lose any weight ; (

  Finish picking up ingredients for Christmas presents, making homemade vanilla this year,  - purchased & received the bottles, still need to pick up labels, ribbon, liquor & vanilla beans

OCTOBER GOALS:  add $250 to EF bringing total to $4300, work on weight loss would still like to lose 5 lbs, finish picking up homemade vanilla ingredients & MAKE the vanilla so it has time to "brew".  Expecting some medical bills for additional testing mammo & unltra sound so I need to make payments on these bills this month.  Sell another Dooney bag on ebay for $100, put up on auction today.  I am getting these bags free from discovercard points - 1700 points + free shipping.



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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 11:08pm


1. Make a snowflake and report to DSG!

2. Make a new summer savings budget. (I get paid 10 months per year, so I have to save up money for the summer.)

I did both of these. However, since I ended up taking steps backwards in my debt repayment, the snowflake I made ($800) wasn't really a snowflake. I did make up the new summer budget, which also meant a new monthly budget.


1. Stay sane. I really need it. I just broke up with galpal, because I saw that no matter how much we like each other, there are some unresolvable differences that will continue to drive us crazy. I'm hurting. We would be so good together except for this and that. And there is just no way, absolutely-no-squeakin'-way, to find some solution for this and that. I'm sad sad sad.

2. Get back to living frugally. I realized I got tired of that, and this summer, because of a combination of different things (health and personal crises, courses), I ended up going back to my old spending mode. Bad bad bad. I have to break this pattern.

3. Pray for better health? Supplicate the gods? Make sacrificial offerings? I'm getting frustrated. Two steps forward, one step back. The new treatment seems to be causing side effects that are no funn to have. And I hate paying the bills even more when the treatment isn't working so well.

4. Request forbearance on one of the personal loans. It makes more sense for me to try to pay back a higher interest loan than to tackle this one.

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 11:11pm

I'm sorry you are going through a rough patch, PB.  Hang in there... 

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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 9:02am


Your goal of learning one new recipe per week will really help you!  I really focused on this a few years ago..and the eating out pretty much stopped except for the occasional pizza or date night!  Good plan!!!


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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 9:34am

Lets see how Sept went:

Sept 2012 Goals:

1. Planned a trip to see my parents. It is an 8 hour drive so we have to survive that. It shouldn't cost anything other than gas. Must meet all my ordering deadlines and prepare work for taking time away. Do things ahead of time.

Just got back. It was not too expensive,probably $250.

2. Maybe start lifting some weights and treadmill prep. Plan for eating better for October.I am just not ready yet!

I hope this goes well. It sure hasn't so far!

3. Get my new Mastercard set up to pay. We got a new credit card so we have a joint one with a better points system. I still have every intention of paying it off monthly. It will mostly be for groceries and gas to get the points. This way we won't have to write a check to a different bank it is the same one that the paycheck goes into. Pure convenience.

All set up to pay, I have done it a few times now. Very convenient! I'm not sure what my points are, I will check. I would like to purchase something household with the points that we have been needing to not have the points disappear per say.

4. Try not to worry about not snowflaking. Every regular payment we make brings our net worth up and our debt down. Be happy with living on one paycheck and making ends meet. Because that is ok for now.(still making retirement contributions)

Well my husband got a bonus and we did snowflake $1000! Doing just fine!

5. Prep for year end at the store, getting documents together and inventory. fun!

All ready, that happens tomorrow!


October 2012 goals:

1. Working a few days. Try to get things done around the store. Decide if I want to pay myself for a couple of days or  not?

2. Set up my daughter's RESP! I think I have the info now and the contribution money together when I want it and know how I want things to proceed. Just need to make the call. But I have to do it with my husband so finding time is always a challenge. She will have more money than us, rich little girl lol! 

3. Get on the treadmill for crying out loud! Eat less! Grocery Bill might be less. Eat of the pantry and freezer like Bex.

4. Start thinking about some simple home renos I want to do that don't cost a lot. 

I think that is good enough.