Need more income, what to do, what to do????

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Need more income, what to do, what to do????
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 11:55am

I placed an ad as a childcare provider, looking for one more child to watch during the week.  I have now gotten 2 responses but they are both for weekends.  I already work M-F, and the thought of adding Sat. and Sun. as well is not appealing to me, but we need to pay off this debt (32K).  I know my kids wouldn't be happy, either.  We all look forward to the weekends free of extra kids.  Should I go ahead and work weekends for a while (and hope I don't totally burn out), or hold out and hope to get a weekday job?

Any thoughts/advice welcome. 

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What about offering occasional weekend care to your current clients?  Surely if they are working parents, they might appreciate having a trusted provider so that they can have a date night.   I wouldn't take weekend clients unless you can commit long term (you certainly don't want to leave anybody in a bad spot..)


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Hold out a little longer for a M-F child, advertise more w family/friends/???


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Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. I decided to pass on the weekend jobs. Hopefully I can find one more family during the week. I am just so focused on this darn debt right now that I start thinking I should do ANYTHING to pay it off (well, within reasonable limits--trouble is, I don't exactly know what those "reasonable limits" should be).

mahopac, interesting idea about the banquet hall job. I'll have to look into such a thing. Although my first thought is I wouldn't be any good at it and no one would want to hire me. Booo self esteem!
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When people are looking for ways to make money, I almost always recommend what my husband did for a couple of years - work for a banquet hall on the weekends. 

There are a lot of them in our area, and they were happy to have a responsible adult on staff.  Usually he'd work one or two shifts on the weekend (Fri night to Sun night), at $75-150 per shift, depending on the place where he was working.  Sometimes the people hosting the party would tip the waitstaff as well, anywhere from $20 (typical) to $100 each.  Normally he'd add $200-500 a month to our income, depending on the season.  He liked the work, and it was different enough from being a SAHD the rest of the week to be tolerable.

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My quick answer is to pass on the weekend babysitting. If you already have kids mon through fri, I think the weekends will be too much for your family.

There are families that do 24 hour care and if it just is a way of life for them, then that is fine. But I think that is the exeption, rather than the rule for most families.

My mom babysat for years, but never on the weekend or late.

One possible exception: Only take what you can still fit in your car. One might be feasable if you can still run errands, etc., and not be homebound.

If you do give it a try, be 100% sure, because as a working parent, nothing is worse than a sitter changing their mind.