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Hi all! I am new or maybe I should say haven't been to iVillage in awhile LOL! Not sure if you can help or point me in the right direction but I am hopeful. I have 4 children, two who were diagnosed with adhd in '09. The 15 year old is more classic in symptoms. If he doesn't take his meds his homework, class work, sports, etc suffer and he knows he needs it to get through the day. My 13 year old is a more complicated. He takes his meds and the first thing the teacher did notice when he started taking it that he had more patience with his classmates. That is great! He also took his time in class on work. At home it is awful! Of course usually by 3pm meds are wearing off and of course mornings are terrible! He can be sweet as pie if he wants something. If the answer is no then look out because he is down right mean. He swears (all the time), says mean horrible things to me and his siblings. His moods are like this the most so I am sure the adhd is correct but there must be something else. ODD, mild autism? Idk! I need help and answers so we can all cope. I have always told people he has been mean since birth that sounds terrible but he has always had "issues" going back. He doesn't get in trouble at school but he doesn't have many friends. He usually clings to one person then something happens and they are no longer friends. Any help or advice would be great!

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Hi Angela! My oldest is 14 and is ADHD, inattentive, along with ODD and some anxiety issues. I wonder if getting the help of a behavioral therapist would be something you could try. My other thought was that maybe your doctor can give you another med for the afternoon that can carry him the rest of the day. I was thinking about trying to modify his behavior with rewards/punishments, but it sounds like it's not just making bad choices, but his personality. That's why I'm thinking that getting professional help would be the way to go. Who knows though, I'm certainly not the best at dealing with my own son's moods... this isn't easy, is it? (((HUGS)))