Thursday's Update - September 27

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Thursday's Update - September 27
Thu, 09-27-2012 - 3:17pm

Dr. Meade checks on Katie and the baby in the hospital. Liam arrives and joins Bill, Caroline Hope, and Donna, who are already there. Katie and Bill decide on William Logan Spencer as the baby's name. Bill coos, "Hey, Will." Caroline cries over having a new family member. Donna says talks about Katie and the baby being two miracles. Katie knows how close she came to death - she saw Storm. Katie describes how Storm talked to her and she came back. Liam muses, "That's the power of love." Katie tells Liam he'll be a great big brother. Hope thanks her for coming back to them. Katie's happy to see Liam and Hope together after everything they've been put through - more things than they know. Dr. Meade clears everyone out. Bill tells Katie that she's changed him but he's still a flawed man. Katie says they created a life out of their love, that's all that matters.

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