News: Fran Drescher says breastfeeding is harming babies

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News: Fran Drescher says breastfeeding is harming babies
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 3:05am
Fran Drescher: Breastfeeding is harming babies Sara McGinnis

posted: September 25, 2012, 11:40 am

Fran Drescher believes that while many moms breastfeed with the best of intentions, women — especially in the United States — are passing toxins along to their children. The uterine cancer survivor, who started the Cancer Schmancer Movement in 2007, spoke to a morning radio show Monday about her breast milk fears.

Fran Drescher shared she was shocked to learn “American women have the highest amount of flame retardant in their breast milk.”

Explaining the 54 year old’s stance further, The Tommy Show‘s site reports, “She believes one of the major contributors to cancer is flame retardant, found in carpets, curtains, and upholstered fabrics. That retardant is being absorbed by the body, those chemicals are causing developmental issues in children and cancer in adults.”

Fran Drescher continued, “This is something that is not really talked about and yet we’re all wondering why all these kids suddenly have all these learning disabilities and attention deficit and autism and there has not been a connection made.

“We’re kinda selling these women that breast milk is the second coming (but) do any of these women check for high levels of heavy metals or chemicals? I don’t think so.”

According to Drescher, there is a three-day urine test available which can determine whether or not a nursing mother is passing metals to her children.

The amount of toxins in breast milk has been a hot topic in recent months, with the fight for safer chemicals gaining more ground this year than in the last three decades.

It’s all well and good, but what is the average mom with a hungry baby on her hands right now to do? My personal advice is to keep on keeping on, and try not to sweat it. Yes, in the large scheme of things the idea of flame retardant in our bodies is scary, but realistically we parents can’t protect our children from everything — we can’t even protect ourselves!

I breastfed both of my babies without undergoing any three-day breast milk studies, and I did it while sitting on a couch — in a room with curtains and carpet. This is where we live, and I feel helpless (though not hopeless) to change it when faced with the information 80 percent of baby products contain toxic or untested flame retardants.

My gut instinct says the worry and anxiety level for mothers over potentially contaminated breast milk is more dangerous than anything else. Fran Drescher has done wonderful things for the fight against cancer, but this latest interview feels more frightening than informational, and is reminiscent of Jenny McCarthy’s hotly debated autism/vaccine link claims.

This morning I’ve got the Serenity Prayer (God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change/ The courage to change the things I can/ And the wisdom to know the difference) in mind. I will make sure teeth are brushed and hands are washed, and I will worry about looking for cars as we cross the street on our walk to school.

I will not, however, tear down the drapes and rip up the carpets, nor take on one iota of guilt or fear for having breastfed.