Friday/Weekend Thread

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Friday/Weekend Thread
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 8:58am

Its Finally Friday ladies, how are you today?  What plans do you have for the weekend?

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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 8:18am

I had my hair fixed Friday morning.  It's a great dark brown now, but I do think we need to research other options to hide the gray other than all over color.  Or I need to go a few months with no color-eeks! and let me hair heal and see what happens then.  Then we did some shopping and had lunch out.  We met up with DH at home and then the 3 of us headed to meet a rescue dog.  Bonnie, now Buffy, came home with us. They think she is part red tick hound.  She's scared of the cat, dislikes the crate, loves Zeph and is sweet and calm and makes ridiculous humph noises.  I woke up to her curled on the bed.  

Today is a vet visit (hopefully) some shopping for pet supplies, the plumber comes to fix the kitchen sink, grocery shopping, and some garage cleaning.

Tomorrow we move the rest of the the stuff from the old house and will make a bigger dent int he garage.  


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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 12:31am
Well we've made it through the first 12 of a crazy 36 hrs. Worked this morning, drove up to my parents, drove my brother to the airport, came home and drive the swim carpool. Tonight Megan went to swim practice, Evan timed at the girls swim meet and then went to dinner with friends.

Tomorrow is the tougher but more fun of the two days. Getting up, cleaning a little, driving Megan to riding lessons, visiting with my parents while she rides and helps with a trail ride, driving home, picking up a friend on the way home, dropping Megan off at home so she can go to a sleepover, and going to dinner with the friend we pick up, dh, Evan, and another friend, her dh, and 4 year-old son.

Sunday I will probably just finish up around the house and get us set up for next week. Hopefully, I'll be able to go grocery shopping. Dh has a paycheck but doesn't know if he can cash it. Here we go again!! The swim club is going to take a big chunk of our dues out of our checking account on Monday and the transaction won't go through if he can't cash the check. I can't even begin to explain how angry, frustrated, scared, and fed up I am. I'm going to have to dig deep in the freezer and cupboards to feed us next week... Not sure exactly how we're paying for dinner tomorrow night either. One of the friends is in from
Boston and the other is counting on us for a ride so we can't really back out. Sigh...
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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 12:18am
I'm sorry you had to pay for Matthew's mistake. He owes you! Hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing and you can catch up on yr sleep.
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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 6:48pm

Hi all. It was another crazy workday, very stressful.  I can't imagine what next week will be like, as a full work week.

Kayleigh had a regular school day, including a guidance appt. Her counselor says Kayleigh is way ahead of most of the seniors in terms of their applications being ready.   She was supposed to go to a party, but it was outdoors and it's pouring.  Her senior pictures came in today!

Ian's throat has been a little icky. He called Dh from school, dh got him a dr's appt and picked him up.  He has some kind of viral throat thing so he'll be resting up at home tomorrow.  At least he was responsible and emailed all of his teachers about missed work for the day.

I went grocery shopping after work and now I'm getting ready for book club, looking forward to an evening with the ladies.

Tomorrow, Kayleigh plans to ride her bike and I may sign her up last  minute for 2 online SAT cram courses tomorrow late in the day. I am going to a college prep seminar in the morning and cleaning in the afternoon.

Sunday, if Ian is feeling better, he has a scout hike. We might all go.  NO other plans for the day, just laundry and catching up on things and hopefully some relaxation time!

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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 9:40am

I am so damn tired.  Pissed too.  Matthew put off another project for the last minute and was up till 4am.  I was up with him till about 2 maybe.  He asked me to sleep downstairs in case he needed help.  He did have a few questions and needed to be led in the right direction a couple of times.  He wanted to go in and turn everything in and then come home.  I wouldn't let him stay home, told him to go take a cold shower to help wake up.  He has to learn to stop doing this.  I got my sweet girls out the door this morning 100% ready for a retake of a vocab test everyone failed earlier this week.  I'll be honest, not surprised here.  My girls did get the two of the better grades handed out.  They did study for it last time.  We changed how they studied for them and it helped.  They have them down now and will get a lot better grades.  The teacher will average the two grades together for a final grade.  Katie has to get at least an 80 to get a decent grade on it.  I think she will.  They were very hard words and on top of that, there were 25 of them.  The teacher should have broken them down into two different lessons.  

Matthew is at the end of spirit week and today was "glow" day.  I got him a neon blue t-shirt and picked him up some glow sticks.  He was worried he was the only one that was going to have them.  I told him I doubt it.  Well, I was right.  There were many kids with them that we saw in the parking lot.  So he grabbed more that I had brought just in case and was happy.  

We are going to the homecoming game tonight, the girls and I.  Tim will hit a coffee shop to watch a friend play.  We have volleyball practice before we head over to the game.  

Saturday is our last regular play season game for volleyball.  I am ready for it to be over, that is for sure.  

Sunday, I don't know what is planned.  Church I know, but after that who knows.

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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 9:17am

Good morning ladies.  Not a lot going on today, at least at work.  Jordyn had to be up and out the door early for a pep rally this morning and DH was off to school with Emma for bring your dad to school day.  Jordyn has a home football game to cheer at tonight, I would love to go and take the kids, but it will depend on how I feel by the end of the day, these allergies are still earing me down quite a bit.

As for the weekend, mostly cleaning and laundry.  My parents arrive early next week for their week-long visit and the house is a mess.  We do have a birthday party tomorrow morning at 11 for one of Emma's BFF's from daycare and she is super excited since she hasn't seen her since June.  We still need to get out and get a present.  I may do that at lunch today on my own.  I also have a chiropractor thing saturday morning at 8:45 that should last about 90 minutes.  Jordyn has to work saturday from 1-4 also and work and a practice Sunday from 4-8:30.

Have a great weekend!!