What Do You Want in the Delivery Room?

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What Do You Want in the Delivery Room?
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 2:24pm

Aromatherapy. Pressure-point massage. Water therapy in Jacuzzi-style tubs, with an option to dim the lights and play music. It might sound like a plush spa, but these services are for pain relief and distraction, not pampering.

Such amenities can weigh heavily when a pregnant patient is choosing where to deliver her baby, according to interviews with doctors, nurses, and midwives at hospitals around the Boston area, and maternity services have had to evolve to keep up with women’s expectations.

What women want in the delivery room- http://articles.boston.com/2012-06-18/health-wellness/32279038_1_pregnant-women-community-hospitals-...


Have you decided where you will deliver your baby yet?  If so, why did you select the hospital you did? Did extra amenities and/or services play a role in your decision?

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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 5:49pm

I claimed back in 1995 the Internent would bring back the  time when women wouldbe able to  discuss wth other women birth, what happened, what should have happened, and what will happen differently. That time has arrived.

As for myself, I remember the one thing I was very adamant in the event of a hospital transfer is I was not to be harassed about an epidural due to a fear of needles, no light directly in my eyes, and the midwife was to stay with me.


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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 12:07pm
I didn't really decide on a hospital, I was sort of told where to go! I just went to the hospital where my doctor delivers. It was really nice and I wouldn't change anything! I had a lovely private room that had a large tub that I took advantage of. Really lovely actually!
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