Actors Raise DS Awareness

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Actors Raise DS Awareness
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 4:27pm

I just wanted to pass along this article from ABC News on how actors with DS help to raise awareness and let society know that they are just like everyone else: 

To the National Down Syndrome Society, the awareness from TV shows is a huge help because it generates interest in their website, research and fundraising, said Julie Cevallos, the organization's vice president of marketing. ...

But changing people's perception is powerful all by itself, Cevallos said, adding that people find it surprising that many people with Down syndrome live independently and have boyfriends or girlfriends just like anyone else.

"It's helpful in terms of getting an accurate picture out there," Cevallos said. "There's a lot of old stereotypes…A lot of people [with Down syndrome] are going to college and I don't think the average person understands that."

The complete article is at this link:

Who is your favorite DS actor?