c section

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c section
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 5:57pm

hello everyone!! i dont think i could do a home birth. one of my reasons why-and i know this is a stupid reason-but its the mess and cleaning up and disposing of the placenta and all the other yucky stuff that comes with having a baby. at the hospital, they have people whose job it is to clean all that stuff up... its also the fact, that i dont want to look at the bathtub or bed or something and remember the pain of labor... but one question i do have-what if a c section is needed? what if-like with what happened with my last baby-the baby isnt turned head down? what if s/he is breech? and you dont know until youre in labor? what if the baby goes into distress? or the mom goes into distress? are midwives trained to do c sections like that?