Rectal bleeding after endometrial ablation

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Rectal bleeding after endometrial ablation
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 6:12pm

Hi, I had my ablation done yesterday.  Had bad cramping day of but felt pretty good today. with the exception of of waking up with very bad constipation. Was not able to have bm. But had alot of rectal bleeding and passed a small clot. Was fine the rest of the day. Then had same thing happen with more bleeding and more clots than the first time. I believe that I do have endo metriosis because Ido have very painful periods and rectal bleeding at that time only. I also PCO. The ablation was done due to uterine polyp and extremely painful period. Not heavy bleeding. Sorry to be so graphic. Just a bit nervous .

Thanks in advance for any insight


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Sun, 09-30-2012 - 12:02am
Hi Kim. Glad you are recovering quickly from your procedure. Hope it helps with your painful periods!

Any rectal bleeding should be reported to your doctor asap. If your are constipated, it could just be hemorrhoids but better to be safe.

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