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Gwennyc - Vision Therapy
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 7:33pm

Hey Gwen,

Thanks for the check in on Vision Therapy.  We had our first progress check yesterday.  He is making good progress.  He is close to at age right now.  Considering he was below the lowest measurement before, YAY!  I must say that I am pleased he is making progress but I am not yet seeing a lot of it at home. 

I can tell his mapping is changing.  He went through a week about 3 weeks ago in which he was knocking over everything (especially cups at the dinner table).  Part of the issue is that he's learned over the years his vision information is unreliable, so he just doesn't use it.  The biggest area I see him developing is his puzzle solutions.  He gets so frustrated with puzzles.  But about midway through it, he is starting to use the visual information in a puzzle to try to solve it.  So the latter few minutes is so much easier than the first segment.  Soccer with Dad is also getting easier.

I am frustrated with the school program right now.  He is early in school - just K.  Their material is VERY visually focused and he can't figure out what they are asking.  You know the kind - "pick the 2 pictures that rhyme" and nothing is labeled because they assume the kids can't read.  Same with math.  "Find what makes 8" and then 4 pictures of dark dots and white dots with just one complete set equal to 8.  For this one, he chose the 4 dark dots (oblivious to the 5 white dots in the set) because 4 is half of 8.  It takes 2 of those to 'make' 8.  Sigh.  Low math score because he can't figure out the freaking picture - nothing to do with his math skill.

I wish we had started the vision therapy sooner so we'd be further along.  Bit by bit I guess.  I keep my fingers crossed we have the kind of success you have seen.

Karen (If you know me as Caren, I noticed how rare the spelling was and decided to change it.  Same name. Same person.  Different spelling.)


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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 5:08pm

Yeah, we didn't get to start the gifted program until 1st grade, because the screening test he took in PK for kindy was all about indicating which tiny little picture showed what, and he couldn't see them.  His eye doc. said he never saw a kid so vision impaired compensate so well, nobody's sure how he wound up reading at an early age with only partial vision in one eye.  (Pre-treatment, he was effectively blind in one eye and in need of serious correction in the other.)  We discovered to our surprise that he's athletic, too!  No ability to aim at all before treatment.  GL. 


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