Ah you got to love family.

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Ah you got to love family.
Fri, 09-28-2012 - 9:24pm

Ok so you know how you don't have to love them but you have to at least put up with them since they are family? Well sometimes you just have to laugh at them and shake your head.

Example 1) I normally would not have posted an u/s picture up but my family wanted to see it so I decided to throw caution to the wind and post one of our cute u/s pics. In it I tag myself and DH so his college friends could see it too. Well, he had forgotten that his mom's sister was one of his friends and I got a comment from her, oh the two of you are expecting, I am so excited my sister is going to be a grandma!! Oooops, we had forgotten to tell her! But it get worse then that. DH told her we were just starting to tell his family and to keep it quiet since none of his grandparents knew before he had a chance to call and tell them. Well, apparently 20 minutes is too long to wait since she had already told her mom, lol. I am seriously laughing about this because I knew something like this was going to happen. My DH really needs to get over his fear of his grandparents being mad at him for having a child while not having a better paying job and not owning a house. 

Example 2) Yesterday, I had my grandmother call me up to tell me she does not care what I name my daughter as long as I don't name her Betty (my grandmother's name). She does not want her named after her because it is an awful and common name and the child should not be stuck with it.

Example 3)My FIL is adamant that he does not want the sex of the baby We are fine with this but he has commented a few time that he does not want any fruit grandchildren (like apple, pear, etc). Today, after hearing that Reese Whitherspoon names her son Tennessee, he added states to the list. But here is the kicker he said we could name the child Damn Deer! 

Example 4) So my MIL was adamant about not knowing the sex of our baby, but told me she had a dream that we were having a little girl. She has had dreams about the sex of all her children and has been right every single time. Well, it was really hard for me to tell her she was correct, so I told my DH about what she had said. Well the next day the three of us were out having lunch after a doctor's appointment and my LO was kicking a lot. Well DH asks me "is she kicking really hard?" My mouth just opened wide and my MIL threw down her paper and we both just looked at him. He then told her nope you did not just hear that. In the end he said see this is why I don't talk to you. 

Example 5) And the last thing is something else my wonderful DH decided to do. He was on the phone with his mom telling her of our plans for the night, we were on our way to a c-section class. Well, this got them talking about hospital visit plans and he said that the only people I wanted at the hospital in the first few days were him and my mom. Everyone else could visit after two days, and this sent her to tears. She is not even going to be in the state until after I get out of the hospital and if she were in the state she would have been invited for the delivery! Not even my FIL could get her to stop crying that we were trying to kick his family out of the child's life. Sometimes I think my DH should not be allowed to talk to his family about the baby.

Yes everything is just fine now, and all I can do it laugh because my DH has been saying stuff like this his entire life. 

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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 3:25pm
Yes, isn't family so fun! That is so funny about your FIL saying no to fruit and states but "Damn Deer" is OK. I laughed at that one.

We have a couple family members that can be down right rude about baby things. When we announced we were expecting my YDD, one family member said "What!? I thought you got fixed?" at my DH. And then continued that he needed to be. This time when we announced, we were just met with silence by the same family member. And then last time around, my MIL said "when did it happen!? Was it when I was babysitting for you?! You need to get fixed!" in a not so happy tone. Not that she didn't like watching our kids and we rarely asked her to watch our kids, but she was old school and came from a small family, and liked small families.

Also, my boys are intact after researching and asking several doctors opinions (though my husband is all for circumcision, I was against and told him we would do what the doctors suggest and all the doctors- his doc, my ob, and the ped) all said that circ. is not medically necessary, etc, etc,( not to start a debate, because I can see the benifits also). Anywho, when my MIL saw my oldest get his diaper changed for the first time, she threw a fit about him not being cirumcised and kept getting after my husband. Then my husband was ticked off about it, also. UGH! If only she had kept her opinion to herself!

Don't you just love the drama of family!
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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 3:29pm
We have highly opinionated families. We're fortunate that, for the most part, they aren't too pushy or we aren't involved with them.

My MIL kept asking me when I was going to give my baby some "real food" when I was breastfeeding. My husband had to explain to her that if they wouldn't give formula to a baby horse unless that baby was suddenly without Momma, why would we give our baby human something when Momma is right here! She finally gave up and became pretty supportive.

My mother, on the other hand, keeps asking me why I keep having babies with this man she doesn't like...ugh...

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