How are the nurseries coming? Anything you still need to do to be prepared?

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How are the nurseries coming? Anything you still need to do to be prepared?
Sat, 09-29-2012 - 3:41pm

I prepare early.  My first was born suddenly at 34 weeks and I had nothing ready at all.  Clothes and blankets weren't washed, the bassinet was in a box, no bedding for the bassinet, no diapers, bottles, binkies, no nursing clothes or san pads. Absolutely nothing was ready.  He was born on a Sunday night, I was discharged Tues morning, ran home to do a load of laundry and ran to the store for diapers/ bottles/ etc, and then went back to the hospital and he was discharged that afternoon,  then my husband was going back to the store for more things that we had forgotten.  Not fun!

So, I do prepare early and then spend the end of my pg working on crafts- knitting, sewing, etc.

Anywho, the nursery is set except for washing the bedding and putting up the blinds.  I love my nursery! I painted the room tan and blue and it has a Thomas the Train border.  I fixed up an old dresser and painted it dark blue and spelled Caleb going down the drawers.  The crib, changing table, and blinds are all white.  Fun, fun, fun!

 The clothes and things are organized and I will start washing them this next week.  I have at least a month's supply of diapers set.  

I still need to pack our bags, install the carseat, and do the washing.  I also need to start stocking up on freezer meals.  I will be 34 weeks this week.  I definitely don't want to deliver him until at least Nov 1, since I have a class that goes through the beg of Dec and I don't want to miss too much of class, but having things set and ready to go when needed is a relief.

How about you ladies?  Any projects you are working on this week?

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I haven't had a "nursery" since my oldest. We have the space, but I guess I'm just too low maintenance to change it from a guest room for the time being. Plus, it is all the way across our house. Baby will stay in our room until she is sleeping through the night well. At that point, we'll move her crib into her older sister's room and they will share for a while.

Clothes and diapers and blankets are washed, but I don't have any of the baby gear in the house just yet. I'm thinking in the next 2-3 weeks I'll get that done!

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I also don't have a nursery and only ever had one with my first and we rarely used it. We ended up moving the crib into our room instead for ease (breastfeeding means lots of ups and downs for me so closer is better). I am ready except for one thing - dh needs to move the baby's dresser downstairs so that I can put away the baby's clothes (they are all washed and sorted... i have enough sleepers to be able to go for weeks if not months without doing laundry, I love hand me downs). Dh also needs to put the carseat into the van but if this guy comes early our dd's carseat is an approved rear facing infant carseat that could get him home safely, dh would need to flip it around.
I don't have as many meals frozen as I would like but I keep doubling meals and freezing half - I probably have enough to do a week right now(a few days of chicken soup, few days of chilli, few days of meatballs, and a meal of beef fajitia's). Other than that I need to catch up on some housework that slipped while I battled a cold last week and still want to do some organizing (read throw out junk) mainly in my kitchen.
I finally feel prepared and am starting to get excited for this guy to arrive!
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