Has or is anyone using Raspberry leaf (capsules or tea) or Evening Primrose Oil?

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Has or is anyone using Raspberry leaf (capsules or tea) or Evening Primrose Oil?
Sat, 09-29-2012 - 9:35pm

I never used anything in my previous pregnancies but I started using RRL capsules at 32 weeks this time, not sure if it is really doing anything but I figure it can't hurt. Anything that might strengthen my uterus and make labour easier is worth a try in my books and it is also supposed to make post partum healing better because of the strength that it builds(?) I also plan on starting EPO internally next week for much the same reason, can't hurt to help the cervix ripen right? All it would do is help with early labour (which my body is horrible at). I doubt it would start labour before my body / baby are ready for it.

I am not trying to 'evict' my tennant, just help my body squeeze him out when the time comes :smileyvery-happy:

Are you planning on trying either of these? If you used them in the past did you have a positve experience? 

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I have used RRL tea with both of my previous pregnancies. I did use EPO with my oldest. I think it's probably lucky, too. I had to deliver him a few weeks early thanks to a kaput placenta. It was an induction that went relatively smoothly.
I have a bottle of EPO that I'll start at around 36 weeks. I might start drinking some tea now.

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I am thinking of using RRL tea after my c-section to help with the healing process. I don't want to chance this little one to come out any sooner so I am not going to risk drinking it while still pregnant.