TTC since 1999...

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TTC since 1999...
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 4:03am

Hello everyone!

I've been no stranger to TTC or these boards, I've been involved in both since 1999.

After a TTC Break, here I am again...

This is month #2 of clomid. I ovulated on CD 17, I am now 13 DPO. My progesterone on CD 29 was 68. My temps are still very high and no AF yet.

I am trying to not get my hopes up. I've had some aunt flo like signs, I have my tampons and pads well stocked in my purse in case. Part of me wants to hope, part of me is terrified to hope.

My next appointment with my OB is October 3rd. Aunt flo stay away!

Best wishes to everyone here :smileyhappy:


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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 2:06am
Eeeek. Your ff chart looks very promising.....
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Mon, 10-01-2012 - 2:37pm
Good luck Shirley! Sending you good vibes and please keep us updated