Friday's Update - September 28

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Friday's Update - September 28
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 12:12pm

At home, Chelsea and Adam discuss his undead dad. She compares how messed up their families are, but she's happy that their baby will have another grandparent. Victor kisses Nikki awake in bed. She sighs and they snog. They head downstairs and she wonders why Sharon didn't redecorate the joint. "What's next for us?" she asks. She doesn't want to waste more time. He tells her everyone makes mistakes and he's sorry for the pain he caused. Nikki recaps what happened with Sharon and how his kids protected the company. He wants to repay his daughter. Later, Adam shows up. Victor's gone. Nikki offers to take a message. He walks out instead, just as Nick arrives. He tells his mom Sharon is still at the ranch.

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