Needle and Thread Prediction

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Needle and Thread Prediction
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 12:23pm

Has anyone tried this test to predict the number and sex of your children?  I had heard it was the opposite. Girls - back and forth Boys- circles. Anyway, I tried it when pg with my third boy and it said boy, boy, girl. After he was born (we found out sex at birth) I tried it again and it said boy, boy, boy, girl. Lol! We thought we were finished having children so I thought it was funny. Well, here I am pg again and it still says boy, boy, boy, girl. We will hopefully find out in a couple of weeks since I can't wait until birth this time. My bff did it and it said boy, girl, girl, boy for her which it what she has and they are not having anymore. I am just curious and obsessing about this baby's gender over here. Anyone else want to try?  Here it is in case you don't want to click the link...


Have you wondered how many pregnancies
and whether it will be a girl or a boy?

Let the needle tell you.
Here is a method that may surprise you.
What to do:

  • Thread a sewing needle and knot it {see picture above}
    (so the needle hangs about 6-10 inches from the knot).
  • Hold your left hand out, palm down.
  • Hold the knot in your right hand with the forefinger and thumb only.
  • Holding your left hand still, swing the needle so the needle hits the inside curve of your thumb
    (where the thumb meets the hand) three times.
  • Then turn your left hand over and move the right hand over the left, holding the needle just an inch or so above the palm of the left hand.
  • Hold both hands still and let the needle do the work.

    The needle will begin to move:

  • Circles = girls
  • Lines = boys

    It will stop moving completely in between each pregnancy.
    Turn off any fans and make sure circulating air is not affecting the reading.
    ENJOY the possibilities+++


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