Spoilers - Week of October 1

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Spoilers - Week of October 1
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 12:38pm

Jack presses Tucker to return Beauty of Nature 

Genevieve tells Jack about Tucker’s plot to ruin Newman Enterprises 

Tucker dismisses Genevieve’s credibility as a potential witness 

Jack refuses to back off 

Tucker asks for 48 hours 

Later, Genevieve tells Jack about her romantic history with Tucker 

Jack accepts Genevieve’s explanation for her behavior 

The exes toast to second chances 

Ronan tells Phyllis that Christine kicked him off the case 

Phyllis is infuriated 

Ronan kisses Phyllis 

Phyllis tries to deal with Ronan’s feelings without alienating him 

Nick tells Phyllis he doesn’t know if he’ll ever trust her again 

Sharon sues Victor for abandonment 

Victor retaliates by seeking to press all charges possible against Sharon 

Sharon crashes Faith’s birthday party 

Nick asks his troubled ex to leave 

Noah confronts Sharon about her behavior 

Sharon explains her theory about Victor wanting her to do what she did 

Nick can’t believe his ears 

The police arrive and take Sharon away in cuffs 

Victor informs Nikki that Sharon is getting what she deserves 

Avery tells Victor that Sharon’s arrest has taken place 

Victor files for annulment 

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