Spoilers - Week of October 1

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Spoilers - Week of October 1
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 12:41pm

Hope and Liam argue 

Liam is comforted by Steffy 

Steffy shows Liam exactly why he should choose her over Hope 

Donna overhears Bill and Katie discuss his sabotage of Hope and Liam’s wedding 

Katie and Bill realize that Donna now knows Bill’s secret 

Donna confronts Bill 

Bill demands that Donna keep her mouth shut 

Steffy and Liam’s sprinkler play gets heated 

Donna goes looking for Hope and notices unusual activity in the little cabin 

Liam and Steffy’s secret rendezvous is exposed 

Donna is shocked to see the couple having sex 

A confused Donna wonders what she should do with so much information that could break Hope’s heart 

The lovebirds are blissfully unaware that their secret has been exposed 

Rick’s secret makes him anxious 

Thomas tries not to succumb to his feelings for Hope 

Rick tries to impress Caroline by giving her a line of her own 

Bill surprises Katie with a new house 

Katie is underwhelmed by the gesture 

Bill begs Katie for forgiveness 

Katie warns Bill about the consequences if he’s prosecuted 

Bill accepts responsibility and seeks redemption 

Donna overhears Bill and Katie discuss the incriminating evidence 

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