What about us "other" pet lovers?

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What about us "other" pet lovers?
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 2:22pm

Boy oh boy, its been a helluva long time since I've come to iVillage. I stopped by today cuz I happened to click on a link in an email in the hopes of gettin' some ideas about cuttin' my hair....which, didn't happen :-(  But of course, after checkin' out some new do's, I ended up HERE in the pets message board section :-) which I've now noticed MANY changes to since the last time I was here....but who knows how long ago that mighta been.

But anyway, now that I AM here, I was just wonderin' about all the other kinda pets us animal lovers may have at home. Why are there no message boards for THEM? (unless they escaped my sight completely). For example, I myself have two julhi corydoras catfish, one HUGE female yellow-bellied slider semi-aquatic turtle, 1 female cockatiel, and two male & two female budgies. And that's only namin' just a few of the many other types of pets that people love 'n adore.

So how 'bout it, iVillage? How 'bout givin' us "other" pet owners some message board props? We'd surely appreciate it! ;-)

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Welcome back to iVillage.  Yes there have been lots of changes the past few years around here.  There used to be lots of pet boards, I think 32 or something like that and they have whittled them down to 6.  No more boards for people with other kinds of pets for some reason.  It sounds like you have a lot of neat pets and are an animal lover like all of us here.

You can email iVillage and see what they say when people have other than dogs and cats as pets.  Look down at the bottom and the screen where it says "contact us" and shoot them an email.

Thanks for posting here with us.



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Hi meandonnajean, and welcome back! I hope you'll stick around, because you can talk about any kind of animals on this board, and it sounds like you have some very interesting ones. What is a semi-aquatic turtle?