Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 4:21pm

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I should not have looked in a mirror today, I can't see below my belly button.. what use to be my belly button (lol) but looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed and the underside of my belly looks like I was seriously clawed by an angry cat on both sides.

I never got stretch marks with DS1, just that brown line. No brown line this time, but now I have stretch marks.. Seriously bummed. :smileysad:

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Sun, 09-30-2012 - 6:27pm
Ah the dreaded stretch marks!! With my 1st I got a ton of them so I am hoping no new one pop out with this little one. The joys of motherhood right? lol, oh well it is all worth it in the end!